Thursday, July 17, 2008

10 reasons why i'm a bad blogger...

Well it seems that i'm surrounded by count down charts... everything from the Capur Chart to the Freaky Fly 30, to the American Top 40 and the Most Wanted Chart on Rush Hour...

I decided to do one of my own... lets start like we always do... backwards.

10) My posts are only a few paragraphs long

9)My content is incoherent. Whatever i feel like writing i write it down.

8) Hardly Any pictures.

7) I start of my Title in the form of a sentence. I mean who does that?

6) excessive uses of the "Dot dot dot"... in if ... i'm taking... a big... pause in between... annoying isn't it.

5)I made this chart saying how crappy I am...

4) I have a very dark background...what am i? a goth?

3) Bad grammar and typos... wlel not all the tmie

2)I change the title like twice... hello decide already.

1) I barely update my posts... ooooh big big boo boo...

well i guess since i realise my top ten mistakes... i would improve my ways right... erm... hmmmm nahhhhhhhh:P smell you later :D

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