Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bittersweet... long distance.

Alot has happened that i should be thankful for. For example, I had a chance to go to the Chelsea Vs Malaysia Selection game on the 29th and experience it live... despite me not being such a big fan...and it was part of my job ( i was updating through the phone line to Hafiz who was on air at that point).

I'm currently the Official voice of Fly Fm weekly Promotions, so my voice would be on-air more often and i'm getting more opportunities to do interviews with various artists and athletes , Local and Foreign... I almost interviewed Leona Lewis, but due to her being sick and cancelling all interviews that cut my progression short.

So much good is starting to happen career wise and i feel personal life wise Emily and I have gotten closer due to the distance. It also gave us time to focus on our respective lives and achieve things. For example Emily and Emilia starting up a charity drive and had raised Rm3000++ for St josephs Orphanage ( Check it out at ... and Emily is starting here 'Nuptales' biz where she writes custom newspapers for weddings. A pretty cool idea check that out at

All in all it has been so good. Of course the closeness of having someone close to you all the time is kinda void at the moment but learned how to get by... one day this long distance relationship would end and when that time comes we both would have achieved so much...

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