Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Highlights of My Week

Maybe it's waking up at 3:27 in the morning and being fully awake has made me reflect in the dark about all the great things to have happened the past week. So I've decided to do a little list of all the highlights that had happened in my life that is worth mentioning... so definitely there will be no mundane stuff like "OMG! I discovered a new washing detergent that makes my white shirts extra white!", no matter how true it is.

1) Launch of Stylekandi! 

This one I got to thank a good friend of mine and a talented musician Gael Oliveres for inviting me to the Press Conference. Not only did I get a glimpse at a website that would revolutionize how trends are set both online and in the real world but I got to touch base with alot of people whom I have not seen in a long while.

2) Esquire Launch Party @ The Intermark

That is right Esquire Launched in Malaysia on Friday and it was an awesome party. What made it even better was that my cousin IZ was there as well among all my other friends from the industry. I just love meeting up with the old faces.

3)Kyoto Protocol's Performance in Barsonic @ Zouk, KL
That is right the band Kyoto Protocol was performing at Zouk with T.A.G. (Twighlight Action Girl) and it was totally rocking! The place was so packed with KPeepers (Kyoto Protocol fans) that there was hardly any room to breath. Not to mention the band gave an awesome performance with stage lighting and custom props for the stage. I liked how the made their stage look like a crime scene.

So far off the top my head those were the highlights of my week. Not to say those were the only things to happen... but you don't really wanna know about the boring stuff, do ya?

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