Friday, March 4, 2011

A call to the old world

I woke up at 3 today after getting less than 20 minutes of sleep yesterday. Surprising considering that last night I slept before twelve. I guess my body was really exhausted and sleeping like the dead was the best way it could regain back it's natural composure.

It's kind of funny because when I woke up I really did feel like I woke up from the dead. Like the character in the movie Dark City. It made me feel like asking are all the memories in my head planted? Am I on a evil space platform?

Anyways enough of the random mumbo jumbo talk. So I got to calling people which is what I do alot of now days with my own career, future record label work and managing a band. The reason because the band that I'm managing is in real need to a sound guy and guitar tech.

I actually called my old guitarist from The Velvet Aces. We spent a good few minutes talking about nothing. Now mind you my mind is in a fragile state of feeling like memories are implanted, so for a moment I felt like it was 2009 and I still had my band The Velvet Aces and I was calling him to arrange a time to go jamming. To be frank, I had almost asked him "dude... Free for jamming with the band?" . Thank god I didn't cause then I would have probably been seen as a little crazy. What an interesting call to the old world.

So now I'm online and checking my e-mails. My managers hard at work trying to get me jobs. So it seems I got to KIV a few Emcee jobs and it appears tomorrow I have an audition. Wow, I guess he's trying to get me to act. Nice :D

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