Saturday, February 19, 2011

Woke up at Four today...

I'm not usually a "sleep all day" kind of person but I'm guessing since yesterday my good friend (and dang well good magician) went to the gym and really tortured ourselves.

I know going to the gym is not the same as torture, in fact it's supposed to be good for your health but what I felt was torture to me. So I guess my bodies a bit lethargic.

Thus were the first few thoughts of my lazy Saturday. I got a billion and one messages from Emily, my lovely fiance about how she's doing things on a Saturday and being a trillion times more active than me. I couldn't help but feel I missed a whole days worth of stuff... not sure what I would do but I'm sure it would have revolutionized something.

 Spent another 20 minutes just checking my e-mail and nothing important seems to be in it. Alot of Junk mail though. The amount of Junk mail that comes into my mail box is amazing! I swear i'd get all excited like "Oh my God I have 10 e-mails!" thinking that 10 people really want to get in touch with me and find that at least 9 of it is some crap for some service I cancelled half a year ago saying "Oh you left us but hey it's ok cause here is a package to make you wanna join us again! dot dot dot smiley face "

I wish I could see the person who wrote that in person and I'll probably lay down the People's elbow on his Jabroni ass just for being so annoying. Yes, I am using the lines from The Rock... hey it's cool and it fits any situation that you wanna lay a Smack Down.

By the way something off topic... you know that The Rock is back in Wrestling right?

Free Plug for the Rock!

So then got a few calls from a band I'm managing and it's some small stuff, nothing major.

Here I am on a lazy Saturday... just sitting on my bed and blogging. You know maybe I should just rest... that's what I'm meant to do maybe.

How is your Saturday?

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