Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grumpier than usual...

I feel that I've been going through a male version of PMS and maybe a little grumpier than usual.

I guess you can say it has to do a bit with the writers block I'm going through. Not fun spending hours on end trying to write song lyrics and all there is are 6 pages worthless scribbles. I can't help but to think some of the stuff I'm writing sounds cheesy. I blame commercial songs for polluting my head with mindless none sense hehehehe.

Aside from that, factors relating to my wedding plans have taken it's toll on my mind. Trying to make a perfect wedding is hard when you have a huge family. Everything seems to be very limited because catering for an event that can accommodate a billion people has lots of logistical issues like parking, would there be enough food for everyone issues and of course can the venue fit everyone and will everyone attend or am I wasting my time.

Wow, when I write it down it all feels better... God bless blogging. Although I find it funny that the things bothering my mind can all be summed up in two paragraphs. I would like to think that it would at least make two novels because that what it feels like in my head.

Oh well, it's 4:21AM in the morning and I tomorrow/today is going to be a long day. Will be on 8tv Nite Live too so gotta find a way to nap before the show so I don't look or feel tired. I wanna be hyperactive for you guys like always.

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