Friday, February 25, 2011

Life Unwired... It's terrible.

You never realize how wired the world has become until you are disconnected and you feel left out. If you've seen my Facebook and Twitter updates you would know that recently my laptop has been stolen and I am actively trying to chase the person down.

After spending close to two days looking at CCTV footage and aliasing with the police, this has finally become a police case. I am actually on the way right now as we speak heading to the police station. Thanks to my manager and good friend Julian, I am using his laptop now.

I realize that when I lost the laptop alot of people asked me to forget about it and move on. Can I ask why? When something is lost and there is a slim chance that you can find the guy who did it and make things happen why stop? Why give up?

It's so easy to give up but not easy to make things happen. I hope what I am doing now inspires you, the reader of my blog to not take hits. To stand up for yourself when someone brings you down. You control what happens around you, don't be the victim. If you lose anything or things aren't going great be proactive. No matter what people tell you, the limitations they supposedly claim to exist really don't exist at all.

People live their lives purposely limiting themselves, why should you?

Thank to everyone online, Readers of my Blog,Facebook and Twitter... you guys really do give me strength when I am down, for that I love you.


Angela said...

Dude,I'm sorry for what had happened to you.

Why give up?
Yeah,there's no such f**kin' thing as the act of give up.If there such exists of that kind of attitude,it would be better for those to just go to their own hell.They don't deserve to be alive (as a human being).

Whoever this thief is..may this person be very sorry for his own actions soon.

Don't give up,dude!


Moe Nasrul said...

Don't worry Angela, I won't give up :D I never do :)