Friday, January 7, 2011

Working on my website and wedding plans

It seems alot of things are happening within the first few weeks of 2011. First of all I've been investing alot of time in recording my music and completing my website and making it the best within my abilities. If you wanna critic it and tell me what you think here is the link

I've also considered the possibility of doing my online promotion on as well.But I tell you trying to figure out all the reverbnation stuff is like trying to figure out a maze. However it is a good maze, a maze that gives you most of the things you want. A good portion of which I'm wondering if i could implement on website.

Now the other big thing in my life. Wedding. Oh yes, Now is the time to call venues and book them before other brides and grooms to be steal the date away. First for most my beautiful bride to be and I have chosen the dates of 11 and 18 December. The first date will be done in Penang which is here side of the family and the second would be to the place I've made my base, KL.

Still discussing the finer details and I've planned by next week to have a finished guest list. To close family and friends don't worry your already on the list :)


Vigrx said...

I like your blog

Moe Nasrul said...

Thanks Vigrx :D

Rose Ector said...

Hm, the website looks good. It has a nice welcome page, and it's not overly decorated either. It's simple and easy to digest, which is good. It's a fine way to interest other people online.