Friday, January 21, 2011

The Bed Intruder

Do you know the story of the bed intruder? You don't? or maybe you do but it has been awhile and that's ok. Because today is about the evolution of the internet sensation known as the Bed Intruder.

In the beginning, Antoine Dodson gave a rather unique interview to local new stations about a rapist whom had intruded into the bedroom of his sister Kelly and tried to rape her but due to some intervention the rapist ran. Which lead to the video becoming a youtube sensation.

Ladies and Gentleman, Exhibit A:

Then The Gregory Brothers appeared into the fray and created an even more unique song which believe or not reached number 89 on the Billboard Top 100! Not bad for an internet song.

Ladies and Gentleman, Exhibit B:

Now, Something Strange had happened... The song Bed Intruder has become so popular that even the hot lead singer of Paramour couldn't resist doing a cover.

Behold the latest incarnation! Bed Intruder cover done by Haley Williams (Paramour),Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory), and Ethan Luck (ReliantK,John Davis):

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