Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TLC "Promise Me Campaign"--Izzul and Genting Highlands

Let me recount my weekend.

On Friday, I was in Penang as i was invited by my girlfriend to attend "Altera Family Day"--the place where she works. I have lots of fun where i was given a girlfriend-guided tour of the facilities.

It was my first time chilling in her cubicle... 

Check it out. She has dual monitor for her to do her job.
I rock out at the game room..

The game room is equipped with a digital electronic drum set, a keyboard, and a mic for employees to sing the work blues away.

I showed off my button-mashing skills to a bunch of seven year olds...

"Now press this button to run away from my combos..."
I checked out the skills of other employees at pool and air hockey...

and i checked out my girlfriend's flirting skill...

She still has it!

and had lunch like a king at the cafeteria....

It was a great Family Day organized by Altera. With soaring spirit, i head back to KL in preparation for the great outing i have been waiting for--fulfilling Izzul's wish to ride the cable car at Genting Highlands.
Thanks Altera!
With less than five hours of sleep, i woke up feeling energized and ready for a full day of fun with the most cheerful boy I have ever met. Encik Azam gave my friends a tour of the orphanage and i was glad to know that children are very well taken care of.
30 children! A glance on Rumah Aman website shows that the kids aspires to be teacher, firemen, and mostly (you guessed it WRONG!) army and navy.

Are you ready Izzul? Urfah (in black) is the guardian and makes sure that there is nothing wrong going on in this trip.

At 10 am, we head out to One Utama to buy tickets to the cable car ride and to have lunch as we were all famished. "Prince for the day" Izzul chose MacDonald's.

Izzul ordered Ayam Goreng MacD. The good boy only ate one and kept another piece for dinner. He even threw away his empty coke cup and fries box. According to Urfah, the boys are thought to not over eat and clean up after themselves. The boys are independent from a very young age. I think it is a valuable lifelong lesson and character building in the world of naughty brats!
After lunch, we decided to take a little "detour" and test out Daytona first.

"I just overtook you dude..."
We arrived at the Sky Park lower station around 1pm. Because it was a weekend AND a school holiday, the cable car queue was out of this world. It was pure madness.

We waited for over 45 minutes....
Izzul's wish: FULFILLED!
I wanted Izzul to feel the blast of cold fog and enjoyed the view. We were at 6,000 feet above sea level! It was a moment Izzul would cherish as we sit and have a nice cup of hot cocoa with a slice of strawberry pie while enjoying the view and feel the cold almost winter-like breeze.

Izzul also had the fun of his young life--going for thrilling rides. We're talking crazy swings and pirate ships!

But it was a shame that we could not ride the roller coaster as Izzul wanted to ride it, but it was already closed. Nevertheless, Izzul head home safe and sound. Oh did i mention that Izzul vomited on the way down from Genting because of the steep road? We stopped by a gas station to buy some minyak angin and a piece of sandwich to hold the stomach, and for Izzul to clean up. Such a brave independent Navy-to-be!

After excluding the expenses for the trip, we managed to make a donation of RM358.00 (out of RM470.00) to Rumah Aman.

I then rushed off to an event at Sunway Giza. At 11.45pm, off i went to Sri Pentas to host 8TV Nite Live from 12:45am to 1:45am.

It was a long, long weekend. But i was happy that i get to go beyond Izzul's  innocent wish of soaring 6,000 feet above sea level. To see his face lights up when he rode the cable car for the first time was totally priceless. To this day, i still recounts his expression as we had our hot cocoa and light refreshment and gazed at the  magnificent mountainview and the rainforest scenery. And how about seeing Izzul's face flushed with happiness after riding the rides at Genting Theme Park? Unforgettable.

A heap of thanks to my manager Julian Lee, my PA Cheryl, and my friends Emily, Alex, Elaine, Danyal, and Ben for your support and time to make the Genting trip more exciting. Thank you TLC for the opportunity to get to know the staffs and children at Rumah Aman, Izzul, and this wonderful life changing experience. With God's blessing, i hope to continue on this selfless journey.

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