Monday, December 20, 2010

Paintball makes you a real man!

ok maybe it's a bold statement but it is true to an extent. I mean yesterday I was playing paintball with a few friends and my younger sisters as you'd know if you'd been keeping tabs on me via facebook and twitter, and here I am covered in bruises and scratches from running through the wonderful rainforest of Malaysia while an array of flying balls zoom through the air.

It was an amazingly exhilarating experience. I mean it actually felt like a real life battle and no 3D pixelated game could ever come close. Even as i'm typing this I'm a talking to my house mate Sashi C. Loco about the whole experience as well as about the whole idea I had about making a social network on my website You can read the post by clicking this

But back to the topic of paintball. Nothing makes you feel more alive than running around getting shot. I wanna do it again sometime :D Anyone wanna join me?


Miss Cappuccino said...

jeez, i wish i can play paintball with my friends..

Moe Nasrul said...

Maybe next time I'm playing I could invite you :D