Monday, February 23, 2009

Last Friday Media night and Hafiz's Surprise Birthday party on Saturday :D

Ok on friday we totally hung out with the media at this place at Sunway Pyramid called AMP Square... basically it's cool karaoke place where you could just sit back and relax while singing off key to your favourite song... here are some photos.

The Big Screen where the source of the words to be sung off key are at :P
Our Big Boss Seelan Paul showing that he could micro-manage the pool balls :D

Fara watching as Seelan Micro-manages the pool balls... can't remember who won the game :(

Anida the Program Manger (in short our Boss ) :)

The room with balloons and all... it was so... wow!

Ok moving on to Saturday. What happened was Hafiz's family and his girl Azreen planned a birthday party for him at a cafe in Taman Tun... I think he was surprised :D

An amazingly funny song Hani, and Hafi's other Siblings Ame and... man what was her name the one in red :( note the guy in blue playing the guitar is not related to them... he's just a guitar guy... but it was a funny song.

Here somes the cake and Hani looks amazingly funny in this picture.

Everyones a blur except Hafiz... who is the centre of attention.

He was so happy... crazy or possessed...

I think the kid in red is related to him... and look! the back of juls's head on the left part of the picture :D
Alrighty then... oh yeah her is something else that happened. A few weeks back i had formed my band all thanks to Jamie who recommended a drummer and a bassist who really fit the bill. We all also went to a gig in Hartamas area at this place called Lepaq.

My attempt at taking a panoramic shot... hmmmm. but the street was filled with rockers... i like :D been a long while since i've been to a known Fly Fm gig like this...

Ok my hands were not stable for this shot... so her is a blured pic of Jamie.
OK a sneaky quick one and got a clear shot... score!!!!! Also got the back of some elses head :D

Yes and before i go... did everyone hear about Nadia's Speed dating thing? And i was Speed Dating contestant number 18 :D well the story is that a few dudes pulled out last minute so I had to fill in... Ten dates with ten different girls... a new record for me :D Bee bee if your reading this it was all for fun only nothing serious :( heheheeh me love you :D

I'm the Geek in Pink with a blue scarf... i was trying to scare off as many girls as possible lol...

Me, Akmal of the Fly Fm Troopers, Aush from News and Traffic, and Nadeem a dedicated listner (um no he was not speed dating as he is too young...)

Speed Dating Girl Number 2 : Kat during the after dating lunch... Aush is sitting in the background as Acap the web content editor for Fly Fm... he was there to Document everything.
Here in the photos you could see Nadia's "Stalker"... basically this guy was creeping everyone and especially Nadia, with supposedly how obsessed he was with Nadia... it was really creepy. In the end we found out he was a part time comedian and it wa a prank arranged by Phat Fabes and Adam Boy! Ok it was a really good one.

The Guys that Speed Dated...
Man fingers aching... must rest... Glad to be blogging again :D heheheheheheheh cheers ;)


Nadeem said...

tooo young???!!! hahaha..i only steppd out cuz i didnt want to be the centre of all de attention!give the others a chance sometime ;) haha

-the DEDICATED listener haha

shin said...

i neeeeed speed dates!!! hehehhe