Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just got a hair cut.

Earlier today i had Gone for Fly fm's pagi show speed dating at cineleisure area. It was amazingly fun, and i actually got to participate, as Amrita producer of the pagi show thought it would be fun :) Hmmm... Ten dates in one day now even for me that's a record lol. One of ti highlights was that there was this guy who was Nadia's stalker and basically had every girl and guy creeped out and fearing for Nadia but in the end we found out it was a prank done by phat fabes and adam i think, where they got this part time comedian to pretend he was Nadia's so called stalker lol. Heck even i was fooled, the even dummies thing was he was actually a really nice guy when he was not pretending to be a wierdo...

Then later on, i decided to get a new haircut for tomorrow's photoshoot for cleo's 50 most eligible bachelor. Apparently i made the short list which has seventy other people on it. Hope i'm not the twenty that they kick out. Now i'm going through my wardrobe and trying to figure out what to wear for tomorrow. The theme for this year is hip hop and graffiti street style. Dang i'm too rock for this lol. Wonder if i could get away with being rock and roll...or maybe i go all Fred Durst! Rolling rolling ! Hehehe.

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