Sunday, December 7, 2008

The flameless lantern...

Second day of my vacation and something happened when my girl and i were hanging out with her twin sister and her boyfriend along with friends where this very lantern stands. We decided to walk along the beach just me and my girl how we used to when we first met.

As We were walking on the beach to enjoy the peaceful scenery my girl stepped on something that was buried in sand. With mix feelings of suprise and curiousity we dug up the item finding that it was a hand phone. Some poor soul had dropped it.

We retreated back to the table where we told everyone what we found. We called the last number that had called the phone. The name 'poole' came up (I thought it was kinda wierd and funny name) A young guy with a thick australian accent answered.

"hello?"he said.

Without wasting time i said "hey dude did you lose a phone? We found it buried in the sand."

"yeah i did."he sounded happy and relieved.

"where were you sitting?"I asked

"somewhere to the far left on the beach...."perfect it was where we were sitting.

"perfect were at the same place look for a group of three girls and three guys. One wearing a white shirt..."that was what i was wearing "and one dude wearing a red shirt"

Ok it wasn't the best description ever given but it was the best i could do at this point of time.

"i'll be there" He said.

Not a even five minutes a young australian back packer roughly about twenty or maybe even younger showed up.

"hey dude lost a phone?" i said out loud to him. He turned to look at me and he smiled knowing that he found the table.

"hey thanks man yeah i was." i handed him the phone then he took out his wallet and pulled out a fifty:..everyone looked at me waiting to see what i would do. I was just as surprised as anyone else.

"it's okay bro." i said

"you sure?"He looked shocked.

"it's totally cool man." i have to be honest since it just happened not more then ten minuds ago....that was one of the most hardest decisions i had ever made. Why? Cause one i did a good deed yes but i felt that taking the money would taint it. I mean it was done with the best of intention and without any expectation of getting a reward. Taking the fifty would make it something that was fueled by the very force that makes the world such a bad place... Money.could i be strong enough to do Good without any monitary gain? Wouldn't that make the act the purest of it's kind? A truely selfless act? I hope karma would pay me back one day...cause i got an I.o.u for fifty bucks :p

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