Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Long days, big dreams

Another Day in the life of moe nasrul. I write this from my bed with heavy eye lids wanting to close from a full day of running around and meetings.

So far I have been insanely busy and when I mean insanely busy it is really busy. So busy that I can't remember when was the last time I was ever this busy. I mean hey my day just ended at four in the morning.

So what am I doing you might ask? Well for starters I've been trying to start up a series of gigs at a cafe lounge called Laila's at Plaza Kelana Jaya. Basically trying to get a unit music scene coming up and hopefully bring our music scene to the next level. My target is to do two months of acoustic gigs just to get the ball rolling before transitioning fully into electric. Lotta planning and meeting.

If you wanna find out more about, check out

Another is that I am working on a few projects where I am to produce two tv shows which would be direct to mobile phones. Can't really disclose much but what I can say is, it's pretty much my debut into the world of producing shows.

Another is of courses managing artists and so far I have one band Kyoto protocol, Sashi C Loco of poetic ammo fame and Iz currently with me. I have also started a brand new company called Talent Harvestw Sdn Bhd to be the vehicle to which I will be promoting these artists.

Further more, I have my usual array of voice overs and tv shows to which I host. Day by day it is. Moving forward in the most amazing of ways.

That's all I so far in my life at this point of time. Exhausted, sleepy and also wanting to tell someone about it, I write this post. A little diary of sorts online... Which is kind of ironic as a diary is supposed to be private but a blog is as private as a parrot being a horse... Or some bad analogy like that.

Oh well til next time, night night.

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