Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brian Joo on 8tv Nite Live

  Last night I had the greatest opportunity in the world; to interview Korean Pop Artist Brian Joo on 8tv Nite Live.

I'd have to say Mike and I found that he was one of the most Down to Earth person we have ever met. The moment he got to the studio the three of us started talking as if we were old friends that haven't each other for ages.

I was very surprised to find that we were very similar and have many of the same experiences growing up in the USA and moving back to our respective ethnic home country both at the age of 17.

If you had not know Brian Joo was born in Los Angeles ,California and grew up in New Jersey. He later at the age of 17 or 18 had gone one to make his mark in the Korean music scene as one half of Fly to the Sky. Similar to my experience of being born in New York and raised in Hawaii, returning to Malaysia and being the frontman of the Six String Samurais although I have to admit that Brian has had greater success in the music department.

The moment he came on the show it was electrifying. we practically cancelled all of our usual format and stories for that one show so that we could focus on Brian for the show. Which never happens until the Brian invaded 8tv Nite Live. In fact in my opinion it was all worth because last nites show was the best show we have ever done. Thanks Brian for making the night a memorable awesome one and wish you all the best in your music career.

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yuukichan said...

Hi Moe, I just watched the Brian Joo episode on Utube.. it was awesome! i kinda agree, it was somehow 'fresh', funny and interesting to watch that episode of 8tv nite live..hope 8tv nite live will become more and more interesting in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hey Moe,are you going to the JYJ (of TVXQ) Album Showcase?

I bet the fanmeeting gonna be really really crazy, the fans are missing them like crazy since the havent came here for 3 years (since they last concert; O.Jung.Ban.Hap 2nd Asia Tour)

I hope you guys could come to the album showcase