Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coffee please :D

I had met the Trooper team earlier today or more like during the night as i was leaving for home. I had this sense of missing the team. Loved every minute i was on the job and there were lots of good memories.

it has been almost a full month since i had gotten the news and traffic job. Loving this job every minute of it and everybody has been very supportive and given me alot of good advice to help me do my job better.

Plus i've been doing alot of exercising (since i spend most of my time in studio now... the dangers of getting a huge belly draws closer and closer)thanks to Basil, Collin and Steve who regularly (or at the moment it seems) play basketball at a park near Basils place on Gasing Road (okay la Jalan Gasing).

well tomorrow is gonna be another day. Rocker and Roll Moe Nasrul out :D

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