Monday, March 28, 2011

Here I am a half an hour before going on 8tv Nite Live

So what do I do before I go on the show today? Blog of course :D Why the sudden need to blog? well lets just say, I came across a few blogs made by some good friends of mine Justin Bratton and his girl Sarah Hodgens.

Pretty much for the past few days I was just deeply entertained by their blog and their posts to the point I was even reading all the older posts.

I just loved their style and viewing things from a different perspective and the fact that I know them in real life I enjoyed how much their personality seeped into the text of their blogs. I mean that is like Blog secret number 1... blog with personality. Who wants to read a deadpan book? (I hope I ain't deadpan borin' you right am I? )

and yeah, reading Justin's blog is like going into the mind of a Howard Stern type character... blatantly honest and at the same time humorously sarcastic. while Sarah is more of a traveller, almost dreamer type of feel.

I gotta learn something from these guys... I wonder what type of personality am I ?

Oh look at the time.. Gotta head on to do my Show on 8TV :D See you all on the Chatbox :)

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