Thursday, March 3, 2011

The day in a suit

So I spent most of the day in a suit. why? well lets just say My cousin IZ and I have been working on a proposal to start our own record label. So today we had a huge meeting with some really interesting people who holds our dreams in the palm of their hands.

I have to admit it even for someone like me who is built for presenting to millions, I was bloody nervous. I was so nervous that I barely had any sleep last night. Maybe twenty minutes tops.

During this meeting we had explained our ideas on how to market the record label and all the other aspects of running a business such as this. During our post mortem we felt that we did present our idea to the best of our abilities and even if don't get the funding (not to say we will stop trying) we could at least sleep well knowing we did our very best today.

I hope it does go through... it would mark a new chapter in my life.

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eMilyism said...

Wah no wonder la wanted to hear my voice before you went in for the pitch. Sorry sayang i was away from desk.

Anyways how was it?